Friday, October 9, 2009

Inventor's Digest Publishes Article by Trevor Lambert, CEO

Saint Paul, Minn. October 9, 2009 -- Exciting news at Lambert & Lambert, Inc. Continuing on a path of recognized excellence in innovation, the licensing agency’s CEO, Trevor Lambert, makes a first-time appearance as a main contributor to this year’s October issue of Inventor’s Digest.

“The magazine for idea people” is the leading publication among the innovation community and aims to educate and inspire independent product developers in the tools and knowledge required for the success of new inventions in today’s market.

The article is entitled Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Cautionary Tales for Inventors and it offers some guidance on what inventors ought to avoid when seeking a successful licensing deal for their intellectual property. Drawing on a decade of personal experience, Trevor presents a few stories that illustrate some common blunders that are often made when trying to market a new device, along with a bit of wisdom on how to correctly approach licensing endeavors.

After cautioning against the pitfalls of greed, arrogance and haste, Trevor hammers home the three P’s of licensing: “Remain positive, professional and patient and you can avoid the self-inflicted heartbreaks that can happen to inventors. This will ensure a relationship with the licensee is one of mutual respect and will pave the way for a successful deal.” His insights are certainly a worthwhile read for any aspiring inventor who hopes to emerge from the challenges of the licensing process with the envied crown of victory.

Summer has ended, winter is approaching, and fall finds Lambert & Lambert, Inc. more committed than ever to commercializing new products, representing our clients, and outperforming our competitors.

About Lambert & Lambert:

Lambert & Lambert is a contingency-fee based invention marketing and patent licensing firm that specializes in consumer products. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lambert & Lambert provides services to inventors, product developers and small companies throughout the world and currently has products selling in numerous retailers.


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