Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lambert & Lambert - Election Day

So the day that we have been counting down for 2 years is FINALLY upon us. I must admit, as a political junkie, I've been following this election closely and I'll be hosting another party to watch the results come in until the wee hours of the night.

I have only one comment on this day as it pertains to our core business - that of innovation. As an entrepreneur and a business owner, I am worried that the economy and innovation will be stifled should taxes be raised, which is almost a certainty with a threesome of Obama, Pilosi and Reed. Our country has always been the "land of opportunity" and if we continue to move toward larger government and higher taxes, innovators will have little incentive to work hard since uncle Sam will be taking more and more of the fruits of our labors. The spirit of innovation that has driven this country to be the best in the world is likely to be squelched, and we will become just like socialist Europe... on steady decline due to stagnant efforts in the area of innovation.

Just my thoughts,

Trevor Lambert, President
Lambert & Lambert, Inc.

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tcerami said...

I spoke with one of your team today and am considering sending an invention idea to you folks. Coming from the political arena since the beginning of the primary, I find your blog and this entry interesting. My wife worked for Obama and I was a volunteer. I hope the economy and our new President only makes it more lucrative for all of us who have crazy ideas we want to market and sell.

Happy Holidays...
Tim Cerami