Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ITC Ruling Against Motorola

December 2011 - The International Trade Commission has issued an initial ruling in the patent dispute lodged against Motorola by Microsoft in October of 2010.

Microsoft has claimed that various Motorola products infringe on no less than nine patents currently held by Microsoft. In their initial ruling, the ITC has isolated one of the nine patents cited in Microsoft's complaint, determining that Motorola infringed on four separate claims of U.S. Patent no. 6,370,566, which consists of designs and systems that generate group scheduling and meeting requests on mobile devices.

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and General Counsel David Howard issued a statement saying, "We are pleased with the ITC's initial determination finding Motorola violated four claims of a Microsoft patent. As Samsung, HTC, Acer and other companies have recognized, respecting others' intellectual property through licensing is the right path forward."

Recently the ITC issued an import ban on HTC products that it found to have infringed on patents currently held by Apple, and may choose to institute a similar ban on Motorola. Despite this, Motorola's General Counsel Scott Offer has stated, "We view it as a huge win" because Microsoft is "down to one patent." 
Among the Motorola products potentially affected by this ruling are the Motorola Droid, Atrix and Xoom, and the total number as reported by Microsoft itself stands at eighteen altogether. The ITC is expected to issue a final ruling after more review by the end of April, 2012. 

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